We as Consultants and Project Co-coordinators offer comprehensive design and engineering services across key sectors. This encompass all stages of project development from surveys and feasibility studies through planning. The services in respect of the following works:

  1. Site Evaluation and Analysis.
  2. Feasibility report.
  3. Studying the submitted tenders by the developer, preparing comparative statement, evaluating their various offers and selecting the developer with best commercial offer and reputation.
  4. Appointing proper Developer for the better execution of the work.
  5. Site supervision as per requirement.
  6. Material finalization, including furnishing material.
  7. Quality control over the work.
  8. Checking of structural and architectural drawings prepared by developers.
  9. Helping in getting O.C and other clearances from BMC.

Process for Redevelopment

  • Consent of Society members to committee
  • Extending E0I (Expression of Interest) by society
  • Furnishing documents to developer
  • Addressing Society problems
  • Appointing consultants
  • Tendering / short listing
  • Selection of best option
  • Extending LOI ( Letter of Interest )
  • Deal structuring with Legal Advisory
  • Municipal approvals
  • Execution of DA & POA
  • IOD Application – Bank Guarantee in favour of society
  • Shifting to Alternate accommodation
  • Demolition & re-construction
  • Granting possession after OC
  • Admission of new purchaser as the members of Society
  • Final handling over to the society from Developer